Sea Shepherd Gets Boost From Dutch Lottery

B. McPherson

If you have ever participated in a Swim With the Dolphins or Dolphin Show, you have an obligation to watch this brutal video. It will open your eyes to what is happening to these intelligent and social animals.

The Sea Shepherd Society received a big boost to their funding today with a donation of 900 000 Euros (about 1.2 million USD) for their anti-poaching campaigns. The Dutch National Postcode Lottery funds many different environmental and humanitarian groups. Since its start in 1989 the lottery has donated the equivalent of 4.6 billion US dollars to these groups.

Currently the Sea Shepherd society is fighting whale poaching in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary. There are three harpoon vessels and a factory ship in the Antarctic area. Using a loophole in the language, Japanese whalers seek to kill about 1000 whales each hunting season under the guise of scientific research.

Good news regarding activist Erwin Vermeulen who was found not guilty of assault for his attempt to record the slaughter of dolphins and other sea mammals in Japan at the infamous Cove(Taiji). Vermeulen was jailed for 60 days prior to his trial under poor conditions. In a surprise judgement at Wakayama, the presiding judge ruled that the prosecutor did not have sufficient credible evidence for a conviction.

Not all the dolphins trapped in the cove are slaughtered. Some are sold for entertainment at various aquatic attractions. If you attend one of them, you are indirectly supporting the slaughter and mistreatment of these wild creatures.

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