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Fukushima radiation spike sets new highs

B. McPherson
How long until another Fukushima in Japan? Just when you thought it was safe to eat the rice. Fukushima Daiichi nuclear station has released a massive cloud of radiation. On January 12, 2015 nearly four years after the nuclear power station was wrecked in an earthquake/tsunami one two punches of dangerous levels of radiation are being released.
The four elements reported on in the January 12, 2015 news release show stunningly high radioactivity.
·Cesium 134 emitting at 7,500% above the January 8 reading, setting a new record high ·Cesium 137 emitting at 7,500% above the January 8 reading, setting a new record high ·Cobalt 60 emitting at 400% of previous record high
·Beta particles emitting at 6,000% above January 8 reading 1,300% above old record high The area tested is near one of the trenches dug to contain radioactive water that has been used to cool the melted reactor cores. Radiation in this area is too hot for people to work safely and Tepco has contracted with an Ameri…

Monsanto wants to spread gene altering tech

B. McPherson You are what you eat The clever scientists at Monsanto have come up with a new weapon. This new weapon is an RNAi-based spray that will target the Colorado potato beetle. While most of us are familiar with the term DNA, RNA is less well known. Instead of a double stranded helix as seen in DNA, RNA is a usually a single strand but some forms are doubled. It carries out many functions in the cell directing the construction of many of the cell’s proteins and acting to stop or start cell reactions. The RNAi based sprays use gene silencing technology that tells the target organism to shut off certain genes. Not just plant pests have been targeted by this new technology. Monsanto has developed a new soybean. Their Vistive Gold soybeans genes switch off production of saturated fats. The lower case i refers to gene interference. Scientists not associated with or financed by the chemical giant have expressed misgivings over the spraying of a biopesticide that may spread to uninte…