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Nanaimo: Wheelabrator Plays Weakest Link With Politicians

B. McPherson Slag heaps from garbage incineration. Now you've got a real problem with toxic slag. Nanaimo was treated to a game of “Weakest Link” on Wednesday afternoon. You remember the game played out on British TV in which the hapless loser was eliminated as “the weakest link”. American corporations were seeking friends among the Nanaimo politicians who might be their friends or the weakest link in the general opposition to the construction of a garbage burner in the area.
An event billed as a meet and greet was held at a local hotel. It was billed as an invitation only affair hosted by the Energy From Waste Coalition who would have a recognized expert in the field give a clear and unbiased explanation of the advantages to allowing a garbage burner built.
Those politicians who have been outspoken in their opposition to importing Metro Vancouver’s garbage to Vancouver Island were not invited.
The Energy From Waste Coalition is owned and operated by two multinational corporation…

Japan Dolphin Slaughter Kills Hundreds in Taiji

B. McPherson This may be a Japanese tradition but it is not civilized behavior. An estimated 250 dolphins have been slaughtered in “The Cove”. For four days dolphins have been herded into the small bay outside of Taiji Japan. Those looking for dolphins for the captive market have now had their pick and the rest are being slaughtered. The favoured method is to jam a sharp spike into their blowhole to sever their spinal cord or at least, cause them to drown in their blood. Sea Shepherd Society has outed this barbaric practice since 2003 but has been unable to stop it. Their web site gives graphic detail of the bloody destruction of families. I was struck by the fate of an albino calf at the hands of the dolphin slavers who grabbed the youngster for selling to an amusement park. There is widespread speculation that the mother of the albino calf committed suicide after her baby was violently taken from her. Our volunteer Cove Guardians documented and witnessed the grieving mother repeatedl…

California Is Drying Up

B. McPherson The Golden State is facing its worst drought ever. California is suffering from its worst drought in a century. Governor Jerry Brown has declared a drought emergency. Over 80% of the Golden State is suffering from severe to exceptional drought. Even in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, lack of snow cover has ski resorts closed.
Wildfires in the state are expected to get worse as the vegetation becomes tinder.
California is the leading agricultural producer in the US. Farming is being squeezed due to lack of water. Beef cattle, normally out grazing have to be fed hay instead, at a much higher cost to the farmer. That is, when the farmer can afford to bring in hay from out of state. Lack of water in the irrigation ponds means little water for the animals to drink. Many ranchers are sending their stock to slaughter early and at a loss. Dairy farmers are faced with low milk prices and higher forage prices.
Much of the fresh vegetables that we enjoy in the Canadian supermarkets c…

Japan Starts 2014 Whale Slaughter

B. McPherson  Japan continues its whale slaughter pretending this is scientific research. Japan has begun its annual whale slaughter in the Southern Ocean. Summer there marks the summer slaughter of the cetaceans. While Japan claims that their killing of whales is purely for scientific purposes and have gone so far as to mark their factory ship, the Nisshin Maru, in large letters “Scientific Research” the evidence is to the contrary.
Sea Shepherd Society Australia has documented their observation of the whaling fleet since they left Japan on December 7, 2013. A horrific description of finding three Minke whales still alive, bleeding and being pumped full of air lying on the factory ship. From the Society’s helicopter an observer reported watching the Japanese crew hacking the carcass of another whale into marketable pieces. The observer, Tim Watters, described the grisly scene and I won’t attempt to paraphrase him. Go to the Society’s page if you have a strong stomach.
The whaling fl…

Neil Young Honour the Treaties Tour Kicks off in Toronto

B. McPherson
Neil Young, Canadian songwriter and performer, has kicked off a four part concert tour in aid of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation in their fight to defend their treaty rights. The tour, Honour the Treaties, held its first concert to a sold out crowd in Toronto. Winnipeg, Regina and Calgary will follow.
The Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation is front and centre in the ever expanding Alberta Oil Sands mining operation. Shell Oil, a foreign owned corporation, has been granted permission by the federal government to expand its mining operations in the Jackpine area in spite of an environmental report stating that it will cause irreversible harm to the environment.
The damage already done to the delicate northern environment is already extensive. The strip mine that uncovers the tarry sands can easily be spotted from space. While ads by various oil companies mining the sands feature actors touting the reclamation successes, most of the area is a wasteland of toxic ponds and…

Cheerios Goes Non GMO

Climate Change It’s Not If But How Much