Japan Starts 2014 Whale Slaughter

B. McPherson 
Japan continues its whale slaughter pretending this is scientific research.
Japan has begun its annual whale slaughter in the Southern Ocean. Summer there marks the summer slaughter of the cetaceans. While Japan claims that their killing of whales is purely for scientific purposes and have gone so far as to mark their factory ship, the Nisshin Maru, in large letters “Scientific Research” the evidence is to the contrary.

Sea Shepherd Society Australia has documented their observation of the whaling fleet since they left Japan on December 7, 2013. A horrific description of finding three Minke whales still alive, bleeding and being pumped full of air lying on the factory ship. From the Society’s helicopter an observer reported watching the Japanese crew hacking the carcass of another whale into marketable pieces. The observer, Tim Watters, described the grisly scene and I won’t attempt to paraphrase him. Go to the Society’s page if you have a strong stomach.

The whaling fleet was reported to the Australian government.
Captain of The Bob Barker, Peter Hammarstedt, stated, “Just days ago, we collected undeniable proof that the Japanese whaling fleet is illegally slaughtering whales in an international whale sanctuary. These callous killers, who were captured on film with the butchered remains of a slain whale on their blood-stained decks, are now approaching the Australian Whale Sanctuary. Their presence here is illegal, their actions are immoral, and they need to be turned away immediately.”Sea Shepherd Society, Australia

On January 10th it was reported that the Nisshun Maru stopped just outside Australia’s Exclusive Zone due to the efforts of Minister of Environment, Greg Hunt.

This is the tenth year that Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the Sea Shepherd Australia have attempted to thwart the killing of these peaceful mammals in what should be their sanctuary. In spite of their best efforts some whales are butchered by the “scientists” on the factory ship. This year’s Japanese fleet is aiming to kill at least 931 Minke, 50 Fin Whales and 50 Humpbacks.
This year’s campaign to save the whales is dubbed Operation Relentless.


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