The Harper government has declared war on our environment.

Please read and contribute if you can.

After months of attacking environmental charities they announced yesterday that they are gutting environmental oversight of pipeline, drilling, fracking and other destructive projects across Canada.
I am outraged. That’s why I’m helping ForestEthics launch a new organization – ForestEthics Advocacy -- that can act and speak freely in the face of this government crackdown.
Will you join me in defending our rights, forests, air and water by making a gift to ForestEthics Advocacy today?
Every dollar you contribute will be matched by a generous donor who has pledged $10,000 to help us fight against this Big Oil agenda. In order for the match to count you must make a gift by midnight this Thursday, April 19.
Recently, the Harper government set aside $8 million in the federal budget to muzzle environmental groups by giving the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) the authority to conduct aggressive investigations that remind me of the McCarthy era.
What Canada needs now is not less advocacy for the environment, but more, not less free speech, but more. As of today, ForestEthics Advocacy can now work on your behalf fighting the Harper Petro-State without interference from the government.
Please give and give generously and remember that every dollar you contribute will be matched by an anonymous donor. Feel free to forward this message to 3 of your friends and ask them to give too.
Thank you for joining me in defending our public lands and democratic rights.
-- Clayton Ruby, CM, QC, Civil Rights Lawyer

P.S. As I write this message ForestEthics' Co-Founder Valerie Langer is being grilled by the Canada Revenue Agency. This is not the first intimidation tactic we can expect from the Harper government, nor the last. If you believe, as Valerie and I do, that we must speak up for what is in the best interests of Canadians and NOT Big Oil, please make a gift today. 

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