Cdn. Heritage Minister Doubts Enbridge’s Safety

B. McPherson

While Enbridge would like you to believe little damage was done at its oil leak in Grand Marsh, the evidence points to  far greater environmental damage. Light, toxic oil, kills.

Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore speaking on a Vancouver Talk Show(CKNW), expressed his doubts about the sincerity of Enbridge’s commitment to safety. While the company was trying to “sell” the idea of the twinned Northern Gateway Pipeline to the public, they stated that they had learned much from the past and were committed to all the best safety measures. As opposition to the proposed Oil Sands pipeline mounted and finally the British Columbia Primier Christie Clark joined the majority, Enbridge has made an announcement that they would spend a further $500 million to beef up safety. This left even a federal minister wondering about why the commitment wasn’t made in the first place.

“This project will not survive scrutiny unless Enbridge takes far more seriously their obligation to engage the public,” he said.

Asked outright if he has “real serious doubts” about Enbridge, Mr. Moore replied, “Sure.” Globe andMail

Enbridge’s proposal has come under increasing scrutiny since the US report on the disastrous oil leak in the Kalamazoo River which saw 40 miles of the river and adjoining wetlands fouled. The report referred to their safety response as a “Keystone cops” response which allowed more than a million gallons of crude oil into the water and soil.

Last week a leak in an Enbridge pipeline in Wisconsin(Grand Marsh) allowed about 1200(50 400 gal.) barrels of the toxic substance to cover a farmhouse, its ponds and crops. Initially Enbridge spokepeople said that little damage was done and only a couple of farm ponds were covered. Now the story is that they aren’t sure about the effect on the ground water for the area.

The Us Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has shut the pipeline down until an acceptable safety plan is in place. The US Transporation Secretary Ray La Hood called the leak “unacceptable”.
While spokesperson for Enbridge on this incident, Jennifer Smith, stated that these leaks are “truly rare” the evidence compiled by Watershed Sentinel over the past 12 years shows a different picture. According to their figures Enbridge pipelines have spilled 132 715 barrels of oil.

If you build it, it will leak.

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