Eat Bacon? Read This

  B. McPherson
I received the following from Take the time to have a look at it. Think about the plight of these animals before you order bacon in your BLT or those baby back ribs. Pigs are intelligent animals. If you would not treat your dog this way don't support a meat industry that treats pigs this way.
If the cruelty angle isn't enough to put you off industrially produced pork, there is growing evidence that Salmonella and MRSA bacteria are becoming common in meat produced this way.

I could only watch as she lay kicking and blinking, conscious and suffering, for minutes before she finally died.
Pig number 46257's death was no less cruel than her life living in a filthy, metal gestation crate not much larger than her body. She could barely move. She developed sores on her face from being forced to lie pressed against the bars of her cage. By the end, she was too sick to stand.
There is a reason why these 'torture chambers' have been banned in the entire European Union and in nine U.S. states. We cannot allow Sobeys, Loblaws, Metro, and Walmart to continue selling pork raised in these horrific conditions. Sign my petition demanding these stores stop sourcing pork from animals locked in gestation crates immediately.
I am an investigator with Mercy For Animals Canada and I went undercover for 10 weeks at a Puratone factory farm supplying pork to these stores. Last week I went public on CTV's W5 with footage of the horrific conditions I observed. The misery and abuse that I witnessed will haunt me for the rest of my life.
The good news is that we can change what these stores are selling, because we have done it before. Major retailers like Costco, Safeway, McDonald's, Tim Hortons, and over 40 others in Canada and the United States have taken a stand against gestation crates, demanding pork suppliers do away with them.
Sign my petition and demand that Sobeys, Loblaws, Metro and Walmart follow their competitors and do the right thing.
MFA Canada Undercover Investigator


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