Enbridge Struggles With Oil Spill in Wetlands

B. McPherson
If You Build It, It Will Leak
The oil pipeline company that is lobbying to build an oil pipeline through British Columbia has had a leak of one of its major pipeline systems. Line 37 which serves as a link from the Alberta Oil Sands to Hardesty Alberta, has had to be shut down after a leak was discovered near Fort McMurray. The company estimates that between 500 and 750 barrels of oil escaped containment.

There is speculation that the record breaking rainfall in Alberta may have caused the sodden earth to shift, breaking the pipeline. A crew will have to be dispatched to the scene for confirmation. There is the danger, that other pipelines which criss-cross the province will fail in the aftermath of the widespread flooding. Early in the epic floods, a sour gas pipeline ruptured near the town of Black Diamond in the Turner Valley.

Enbridge is unable to communicate with the media efficiently at this time because their head office is in downtown Calgary which remains shut down and evacuated due to the extensive flooding. The core of the city remains flooded and without electricity or other services.

This latest in a series of oil leaks from pipelines comes as hearings regarding the proposal for the Northern Gateway Pipeline are wrapping up. Amidst broadly based opposition to the scheme, Enbridge is attempting to show the opponents that the plan to move diluted bitumen through the village of Kitimat at the head of Douglas Channel.

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