Pakistan: hundreds dead in monsoon flooding

B. McPherson
People fleeing rising flood waters in Pakistan
Residents of Pakistan and India are struggling with the worst flooding in decades as heavy rains from the monsoon caused rapid rises in river levels. There are hundreds confirmed dead with little word from villages hit with floods and mudslides.

The city of Lahore is flooded. Photographs displayed by Indian newspapers show chest deep water running in the cities of Kashmir and Pakistan. Buildings in the cities tend to be built of fired brick, but many in the countryside are made of mud brick which dissolved in the water’s onslaught.

Srinagar in Kashmir has been hard hit with flooded streets and interrupted communications. Rescue efforts have been slowed by lack of boats. Thousands of people have been displaced after losing all their belongings to the fast flowing Jhelum River.

Every year during the monsoon, flooding occurs in India and Pakistan but this year’s flooding is now classed as the worst in decades.

When watching TV news of the flooding or photographs of the disaster notice the brown flood waters contain pollution from farm animals, sewage, industry and so on. As the waters recede, they will leave  unsafe and unpleasant reminders to add to the misery.

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