Dolphin Slaughter in the Cove Starts Soon

B. McPherson
Warning: Graphic footage. If you've ever thought about attending a dolphin show, then you must witness this.
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has started its annual campaign to convince the Japanese to stop the dolphin slaughter in Taiji Japan. The area, better known as The Cove, hit the public’s awareness with the documentary film of the carnage. Hundreds of dolphins are slaughtered annually by herding them into the confined cove and brutally slaughtering these sea mammals.

This killing season’s campaign is Operation Infinite Patience by the Cove Guardians. This is the fourth season of the Sea Shepherd’s Society efforts to stop the butchery. They have vowed to return each year until the Japanese cease this practise.

Many of the young dolphins orphaned in the killing of their family groups are kept live for sale to various irresponsible aquaria throughout the world. Dolphins that are performing at various venues are brutally ripped from their families and removed to live in involuntary servitude to entertain people. As an ironic and horrific twist on this story, the Japanese have now instituted a Swim With the Dolphins at Taiji. Children can swim and interact with the recently traumatized young dolphins.

You may think I’m making this up, but I am not.

Under thing to do in Wakayama Prefecture, is the suggestion of swimming and shaking hands with dolphins.

How about spending a dream-like time while swimming with adorable dolphins? Other attractions are also available that allow you to encounter and shake hands with dolphins. You will surely never forget experiencing the mysterious appeal of dolphins, as well as their charming behavior up close. Explore Wakayama in Japan

The accompanying photo fails to show the blood in the water or the adult dolphins writhing in pain as they are being stabbed to death.

Do not support the dolphin slaughter by supporting those facilities that have dolphins performing for the public. Do not have your children or yourselves swim with dolphins. Money spent there helps perpetuate the slaughter.

If you can stand it, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has live streaming during this campaign.

Sea Shepherd website at

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