UK ‘Independent’ Scientists With GM Ties

B. McPherson

Demand to know the truth about GM food and forage crops.
The UK is currently wrestling with the issue of whether to allow the commercial planting of genetically altered or genetically modified(GM) field crops. To this end, the central government has commissioned a study authored by independent scientists to advise them.

According to the Daily Mail, the scientists advised the UK government in November to fast track the introduction of GM seeds in time for the spring sowing. With this information made public this March some investigation was done on the backgrounds of the five authors of the study.

Their conclusions: All five authors are respected leaders in their area of study. All five authors have commercial ties to the GM industry.

The “independent” scientists:

·         Professor Sir David Baulcombe, Cambridge University, consultant for Syngenta
·         Professor Jonathan Jones, Sainsbury Lab, centre of Britain’s GM research
·         Professor Jim Dunwell, University of Reading, founding member of CropGen
·         Professor John Pickett, Rothamsted Research, GM research
·         Professor Pere Puigdomenech, University of Cambridge and Barcelona, GM research

The planting of GM crops is widespread in N. America. It has become more controversial as harm to wildlife and the environment has started to show; Superweeds, weeds resistant to herbicides are an increasing problem; the elimination of a healthy soil biota has affected the health of the planted crops and pesticide residues on food and forage crops are worrisome to name a few concerns.

If the citizens of the UK had hoped for clear, unbiased advising on the subject of growing biotech crops controlled by large corporations, they have been sorely misled.

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