Fukushima Scandal Spreads Like Its Radiation

By B. McPherson

When the huge earthquake and resulting tsunami hit Japan last year, it spawned the ongoing disaster of Fukushima. Since then, the world has watched while the various stories and reassurances have been spun to the people – the rice is safe, the children are safe, leave your homes. It continues.

More information is leaking out. Apparently when the nuclear radiation crisis hit, the ‘experts’ were at odds with how to present the ominous news to the Japanese public. One expert was front and centre, accepting responsibility. Now former acting head of the Atomic Energy Commission of Japan Sunichi Tanaka is quoted in The MainichiDaily News:

"Reactor cores have melted to a considerable extent. I never predicted that we would cause the public so much trouble. We are responsible for promoting nuclear power."

In ongoing hearings into the cause of the fatal damage at the Fukushima electric plant, there have been clashes over pinning the damage on the tsunami which slammed into the coast about half an hour after the quake. If the investigators blame some of the damage on the quake then all nuclear reactors in the country may have to be shut down or reconstructed. Seismologist Katsuhiko Ishibashi had predicted damage from a tsunami as early as 2007.

Now former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has spoken publicly about the need to rein in the influence of the private electrical companies.

Now investigations into how the initial crisis was handled have taken on an Alice in Wonderland aspect. The records of government officials during the unfolding  disaster appear to have been lost.

“The missing minutes came to light after NHK requested the documents under Japanese law, but only received tables of contents for meetings after 3/12/2011, with nothing being supplied from the meeting on 3/11/2011.”FukushimaUpdate.com

We may never know who did what when, but we do know that radiation from a wrecked nuclear station has spread around the globe; thousands upon thousands have been uprooted from their homes to live in cardboard shelters; pets and livestock have suffered gruesome deaths; and the land has been poisoned for generations. Tell me about how nuclear energy is the answer to a world hungry for cheap electricity.

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