Hong Kong Airlines Agrees to Stop Transporting Dolphins

B. McPherson

Hong Kong Airlines has bowed to pressure from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, school children and an ever growing petition to stop transporting dolphins. The airlines recently flew five recently captured dolphins from Japan to Vietnam for HK$850 000 according to China Daily.

Public outrage has been mounting since a memo circulated to airline staff praising the increased revenue gained by transporting five dolphins from Osaka to Vietnam. Charges of cruelty have been aimed at the airline staff.

February 25 saw the HK offices of the airline company visited by the HK Sea Shepherd coordinator, Gary Stokes, school children and activists who presented a petition and a copy of The Cove, the documentary that exposed the bloody slaughter of dolphins and other marine mammals herded to a gruesome death. Their timing was perfect as the company was holding a recruiting drive at the same time.

In an about face on March 1st Hong Kong airlines issued a letter stating that they would no longer transport wild animals.

A captive, healthy dolphin sold to marine parks and aquaria can fetch upwards of $150 000. There is a huge profit motive to kill dolphins and to capture them for the public’s entertainment. Admissions paid by the public who watch “whale shows” help to fuel the cruel slaughter of these intelligent family oriented animals.

For more details regarding this small victory go to the Sea Shepherd Society's news page.

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